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to meet all our guest's needs we offer a more flexible solution than a full breakfast served at the table, a fit solution to all and for all budgets: you can organize the products and service yourself

            5€ per person per day!

you can organize everything as you like.

We will provide you with dishes and the space and a wonderful view!! You'll take care of the rest.

Then you won't have to worry and waste time cleaning up!
Note please that this service is available if no other breakfasts are already scheduled.


what should you expect?

We will provide you with:

dishes, cups, bowls, and cutlery;

a nice spacious dining table,

and a wonderful view!!

you can use the fridge for guests and spaces suitable for storing your products.

are you ready for your breakfast?

you can get all your favorite products for your breakfast and organize everything according to your wishes.

within a 10-minute walk, you can buy your products in the nearby supermarkets or pastry shops,

or bring what you prefer directly from home

what you should do next?

all you need to do is clear the table and common areas of your products

and place them in the fridge or in the space dedicated to you to store your food.
Please leave your used crockery and cutlery in the kitchen and nothing more!
We'll take care of everything else,

you won't have to waste time washing the dishes or sweeping the dining area.

Note that this option is only possible if no other breakfasts made by the b&b for other guests are on the schedule.

in this case, self-breakfast will not be possible.


Self-Linen Change



if you need a change of sheets and room cleaning during your stay it costs 25€.

but if you change linen by yourself, we will not demand additional costs.

I give you:



duvet cover

and you leave the old one in the laundry and I'll wash and fold them.

simple isn't it?

the common and shared area are daily cleaning, towels change every 3 days (or free on request), bed linen are cleaning only after check-out.



 Pet's Stay - Extra Cleaning



if you think, after your pet's stay free of charge, that you will incur extra costs due to the necessary extra cleaning up 50€,

be sure to leave the room clean thus avoid incurring additional costs.

you can also ask for suitable household cleaning products or tools to make sure you avoid any extra costs.

I always had many pets in the past both dogs and cats and I love them!

unfortunately, some people are allergic and I have to and want to respect their needs too.



Self Linen
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